Longing for the Divine

National Bean Day: Veganuary Edition

January 6th is National Bean Day and what better way to celebrate than to include more beans into your diet. Beans are a super nutritious legume. There are so many different types of legumes (approximately 40,000 bean varieties) that are delicious and healthy and that can be prepared in various ways. According to NutritionFacts.org, a landmark scientific report recommends that we include beans in every meal as a form of cancer prevention. Legume consumption is also associated with slimmer waistlines, lower blood pressure, and many other health benefits.

Last night, my wife made a killer tempeh (soy bean) vegan sandwich. While I grew up eating a plant-based diet and have continued this nutritional focus, I am committed this new year to adding more tasty beans in my diet. Not only is a plant-based diet scientifically proven to be good for your health, but whole-plant foods just taste better to me.

Eat some beans!

Craig Ashton Jr.

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