Longing for the Divine

Welcome To My Blog!

Perhaps like me, you desire to find meaning in the God presented in the Bible. Having a mistaken idea about what God is like can deeply affect us. How can we long for eternity if heaven is governed by an untrustworthy God? If He plans to return to Earth, do we face an exacting future? Maybe God isn’t as our religious institutions and traditions have made Him out to be. If we are created in His image, perhaps God is instead everything we’ve imagined Him to be. Maybe when we finally meet Him, He will be everything we’ve been looking for, fulfilling our deepest longings for love and meaning. 

Theological InTents is a place to enjoy conversations about faith, life, and God. You will find here my love for theology. I welcome any comments you have to offer as I get this new blog going. Stay tuned for more! 

Craig Ashton Jr.

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