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Embracing Prodigals

I have encountered many authoritative Christians who seek to control people and situations by strictly adhering to rules, demanding the “right” answers, and correcting those who…

The God Who Believed in Abraham

Grand words such as “righteousness” and “justification” can sound old-fashioned and judicially governed. Should we be surprised that people today need a simpler explanation and desire integrity and justice as social virtues?

That’s Not What John 3:16 Says

Without a doubt, John 3:16 is the most quoted and well-known verse in the Bible. It’s been repeated by Christians, posted on billboards, printed on banners over highways, displayed at sporting events, and recited at evangelistic crusades. Yet, despite its fame, this verse deserves a second look.

Quarantine Theology

It’s amazing how much our lives have changed during the current crisis. The novel coronavirus is dramatically altering the structure of our everyday lives through orders of social distancing, quarantines, isolation, and lockdowns. It’s no longer business as usual, and in a sense, we are all enduring a kind of apocalypse.