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Proof Can Be Slavish

God is committed to a freedom too wonderful to accept without serious contemplation and thought. Such freedom does not decrease but increases faith. It’s about embracing the deeper ethics of our faith and thinking rightly about God and our own purpose in life.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Chaos

Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid in light of what it takes to critically engage the world with the truth about the kind of person God really is. Jesus has already overcome the world and everything in it. You don’t have to be afraid to run into the chaos. Don’t let anything that is happening in the world around you become more important or more powerful to you than the truth about God as revealed by the Person of Jesus.

The Big Ten for Today’s World

One can read the commandments as enforced rules that must be obeyed, or one can read them as facilitating a relationship with God—as His commitment to engaging with us to help us see Him as not only our sovereign but also our savior, lover and friend.