Longing for the Divine

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The Coming Apocalypse

Bringing fears of anarchy, violence, and eroded morality, the pandemic that is changing our world is transfixing us with an anticipated sense of apocalypse or other form of lurking woe.

The Life That Lasts Forever

Does human identity survive death? Descriptions of human souls floating off to an immaterial place after death do not reflect the hope that people long for. They don’t depict great joy or creative possibilities for an afterlife that will delight every fiber of our being.

Afterlife, the Heart’s Deepest Longing

When life is good, we enjoy experiencing it, but life is sometimes filled with problems. When it becomes painful or debilitating, we long for a balm to soothe our open wounds. We thirst for what lies beyond our short lives here on planet earth. Is brokenness and incompleteness all there is to life, or will we eventually find more?