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The Theology of Betrayal

The people’s desire for equality and fairness and their leaders’ thirst for power only fueled hatred and contempt for their enemies. Without Jesus’ grace or forgiveness, one doesn’t seek fairness but instead ugliness, oppression, or even violence.

Whose Side Is Jesus On?

Following God’s plans is risky, but it allows us to take steps toward the promise of His presence—to belong to a kingdom that is not of this world. I want to be on God’s side more than anything

Lies About God We’re Tempted to Believe

The temptations of Jesus are our temptations too. We are tempted to see God not as His true character but as one who meets our every need and softens our every landing. When we ignore the darkness, pretending that the devil is not lurking in the shadows, the tempter drives a wedge between us and our view of God. He tempts us with physical gratifications that bring temporary comfort, with a pride that appeals to our intellect, and with things that can be possessed (1 John 2:16). Jesus lives by listening to the voice of His loving Father over all the other voices competing for His attention. His example shows us how to live.

The Second Coming: This Same Jesus

We are often tempted to want Jesus for the wrong reasons, treating Him like a mere team mascot that represents our beliefs and values—what we stand for rather than who He is. If we think that Jesus has no say in the matter, we should remind ourselves that it will be “this same Jesus” who returns.