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Surprised by Glory

I find it absolutely fascinating that God’s presence in the cloud was perceived as darkness by the pursuing Egyptians and as fire and light by the Israelites

Priestly Mysteries and the Devil’s Share

At a young age, I was fascinated with the theology shaped by the Exodus Sanctuary and its priestly mysteries found within the Book of Leviticus. Far from a cryptic and irrelevant message, not only does its rich imagery center around God’s passionate desire to dwell among us but its rituals respond to the sin and evil that stain God’s good world. The ancient story hints at the healing and redemption of the entire cosmos, and that intrigued me.

Potent Meaning in a Small Symbol

Powerful truths are sometimes found in small things, yet we often fail to notice and appreciate them because they are so small. God gave His people a small symbol to help them understand profound truths about Him. From the divinely revealed details of the altar of incense within the Old Testament tabernacle we learn that powerful factors for good can seem small.

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COVID-19: Animals, Wrath, and the Terrors of the Apocalypse!

I have thought about how God’s judgments might factor into modern plagues, especially in light of the plagues in the Old Testament. Is this virus a punishment? A warning of impending doom? Is God trying to teach us a lesson? Some have suggested that we are experiencing an end time epidemic, taken right from the pages of the apocalypse. Is this really true?

What about God’s Wrath? Theories of Uncertainty —Part 1

Many argue that the angry God of the Bible is an irrational and cruel tyrant who is not worthy of our admiration. You may feel some apathy toward this wrathful God, thinking He’s receiving His just deserts from people. Perhaps you have lingering fears about how we will be judged for failing tests of faith, for questioning the existence of suffering and divine damnation against the reality of God’s love, for harboring a sharp dislike for the wrathful potentate in the sky?