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Holiness Came Before Liberal Theology

Before terms such as social justice existed, God laid down the Sabbath texts that include green ecology laws as well as commands to care for the poor, not oppress the sojourner, and treat animals equally on the Sabbath. You don’t have to accept liberal theology to validate these ideas. God wants us to be known for our acts of kindness and healing, not our individual politics.

Love Is All We Need

God provides many details to help us understand the concept of love. While a sheet of music may contain many notes, only one song is sung from them. Unselfish love is that song.

God’s Compassion like a Mother’s

God understands the deep spiritual bonds of nurturing love that He has placed within the hearts of women—a theology about God’s nurturing care and compassion that often goes unrecognized. God’s nature is revealed in a mother’s womb-like heart.