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You don’t need to struggle or strive to shine. Let your light shine. Remove the obstacles, and you can’t help but shine.

Babylon vs. Jesus

When Daniel was in Babylon, he prayed facing the direction of the Temple site where God’s name was placed. Likewise, we need to always keep the character of God in view when we are in Babylon. God’s presence, character, and reputation are what matter most.

When God Flips Tables

If Jesus walked through and examined the courts of our lives today, what tables might He flip over? I want Jesus to enter my courts, driving out everything that hinders a close relationship with Him, because life’s most important goal is dwelling in His presence.

Brittle Wineskins and Ropes of Sand

My central goal in the coming year is to become more like Jesus. That’s the one thing I want to obsess about, the one thing I want to see through, even if only through baby steps. I want to experience the best wine in a new wineskin.