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God’s Compassion like a Mother’s

God understands the deep spiritual bonds of nurturing love that He has placed within the hearts of women—a theology about God’s nurturing care and compassion that often goes unrecognized. God’s nature is revealed in a mother’s womb-like heart.

The Judgment and Its Meaningful End

The traditional view considers the judgment scary. We’ve been taught that it brings punishment. Because the Judge of the Universe determines every verdict, there is no need to explain or reveal anything. The kind of judgment that plays out in our courtrooms, however, makes it hard to see the theological beauty and sense behind God’s judgment.  

Living for Healing & Justice

In the messy landscape of human perplexity, we are called to bring that kind of love into the world. May we relinquish our self-focus and pursue the only effective way to live together in healing and justice. This is the only way to follow Jesus.

A Word from Bethlehem

The Christmas story must respond to the tears and pain of those who have walked through the valley of broken humanity. If God is so peaceful, why does such brutality, war, and murder happen to a child from Bethlehem?

On Edge with Paul: Learning from African-American Readings

Despite their horrible circumstances and the prevailing misinterpretations of Scripture, many slaves clung tenaciously to hope, refusing to let go of a God who loved them. Instead of rejecting Paul because proponents of slavery used the letters of Paul to defend their oppression, they chose to read it well and faithfully.